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About Us

Unbiased info about Truvia, the new stevia-based sweetener made by Cargill and the Coca Cola company. Note: We are not affiliated with Cargill, the Coca Cola company, or Truvia in any way.

This site was created to serve as a resource about Truvia, a natural FDA-approved sweetener being featured in Coca-Cola company beverages and other consumer products.  Since Truvia comes from the extracts of stevia, a natural plant found in South America, the natural origins of Truvia make it a very attractive sweetener to health conscious individuals.  Feel free to browse around the site, as we’ll break down many of the questions you’ve probably been looking for answers to.  Enjoy our content, and don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

Note:  We are not affiliated with Coca Cola, Cargill, or the Truvia product in any way.  We are simply consumers seeking to gather more unbiased information about what appears to be an exciting product.