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Potentially Dangerous Side Effects of Stevia

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

You’ll find that when you’re using something artificial to sweeten your drinks opposed to just using sugar, it’s likely that the product underwent a lot of processing to get the desired result.  That means it’s usually going to have a few dangers that sugar does not have that you’re going to have to be aware of before you start using.   You’ll find that side effects of stevia for example are something that you want to read up on before you start using stevia regularly, so that you can be prepared for what can happen.  This way, you’re better informed and you can actually even decide if artificial is the way to go for you.

Something that you’re going to find when it comes to the side effects of stevia is that they can range from the fairly mundane and common, to the pretty severe as well.  You’ll find that not all side effects are all that bad, and the most common ones probably aren’t going to affect your day too severely. But that’s not to say that you shouldn’t be aware of just what can happen when it comes to adverse effects stevia can produce within your body.

So here are some of the most common side effects of stevia and what you need to watch out for or think about before using:

1) Dizziness

This is a commonly found one, and you’re going to experience it most likely if you’ve been using a lot recently.  But it’s one of the minor ones, and never really hangs around a long time so it’s not as much of a big deal as you will find with the other types of symptoms that you can end up suffering from.

2) Numbness

This is another commonly reported side effect found within the muscles when using stevia a lot.  You’ll find however that these types of side effects of stevia again are not that much of a concern as they have never been long-lasting or permanent.  But they can be a sign you should use a bit less.

3) Infertility

You’ll find that in higher types of doses it is found that Stevia can actually have a contraceptive like quality on the body.  That means for both men and women it can actually make you infertile, though conflicting studies have shown reports that stevia can or may not be a cause and that the effect is usually not permanent.

4) Mild muscle pain

You’ll find that in some cases there can be pain associated with using stevia. This is one of the adverse effects stevia can produce on the body, and is commonly found in those that use a lot more regularly.  While it’s something that does go away, it can be mildly concerning for just about anybody.

5) Negative effects on blood sugar levels

In some places stevia extract is actually used to help out with glucose levels, but in healthy persons it can have a negative effect actually causing your natural blood sugar to swing out of control.  This can actually lower the blood sugar in almost anybody in fact, and is a careful thing you’ll have to watch with conditions like diabetes.

6) Lowers blood pressure

You’ll also find that side effects of stevia can include lower blood pressure, so it should be used with major caution by anybody that may already have low blood pressure or suffer from something of the like.  That’s where you have to be extremely careful, though any type of artificial sweetener can be a risk for lowering blood pressure so a certain amount of caution should always be advised.

7) Cancer

This is an often disputed claim, as some tests have shown that one of the side effects of stevia is that it can actually raise your risk of cancer because of the way that it can mutate within the body.  That makes it a risk for some people if you do believe the scientific findings.  But many other food agencies are quick to dismiss this saying that the conditions for which stevia is tested were not up to modern standards.  But that’s not to say that this is not a major concern for anybody, and one to watch when you’re thinking about adverse effects stevia may produce.

Stevia Sweetener

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Finding alternatives in your diet for sugar, is usually a great idea for your health, no matter the circumstances.  But for some people, staying away from sugar is a necessity, so finding a solution is essential.  With a choice like Stevia sweetener, not only will staying away from sugar be easy, but it will also be one of the best decisions you ever make.  You’ll find that this type of alternative is not only better tasting, but is actually better for you, making it a logical change in anyone’s diet.  Although you may be wondering, what makes Stevia sweetener special, when compared with other sweeteners?

The main reason that Stevia sweetener is one of the best alternatives to standard sugar, is because it is a completely natural substitute . This type of sweetener is grown from herbs that can be found all over South and Central America.  By using a special process to acquire pure extract from the herb, a very special and very sweet compound is formed, that’s actually even sweeter than sugar.  Plus, extensive testing has been performed on Stevia sweetener, and no carcinogens or toxic chemicals have ever been found, making it the ideal natural alternative to any diet.  Plus, it’s uses go far beyond just sweetening your favorite drinks.

You’ll find that Stevia sweetener is actually healthy for you, and is used in a variety of different ways.  One of the most common places that you’ll find this compound, is actually in nutritional supplements.  It’s found that the Stevia sweetener compound can actually lower blood pressure, and alleviate the risk of heart disease in some people.  That means in addition to keeping your weight under control, by avoiding sugar, you can actually begin formulating a fitter and healthier you, without having to give up your favorite sweet treats.

The main thing will really be purchasing the right type of Stevia sweetener for you.  You’ll find that there are standard packets like you would find from any sweetener brand, that are ideal for putting into coffee, tea, or anything else that you can think of.  But you can also take advantage of Stevia sweetener supplements as well, so that you can really gain all of the positive health benefits that you may not receive from an lesser concentrated source.  But then there are even Stevia products for your skin, to take advantage of it’s healing, and antibacterial elements all over your body.  So really, no matter what you’re looking for, there’s a product out there for you.

Finding the right selection of Stevia sweetener or other items isn’t always easy however.  Usually you’re going to need to visit a specialty pharmaceutical store like CVS or Walgreens to really find what you need.  That way you can find a wide selection of any products that take advantage of the unique healing benefits you’ll find from these types of supplements.  Or you can just find a great package of Stevia sweetener, that’s ideal for helping you cut out sugar completely .

Stevia Packets

Monday, June 28th, 2010

When it comes to looking for new alternatives to get fit and stay healthy, replacing sugar in your life, should always be a key decision.  There are so many negatives about sugar, and cutting it out of your life can be one of the biggest keys to getting the healthier, and more trim body that you’ve always wanted.  In fact, with products like Stevia packets, you can ensure that cutting the weight, and cutting the sugar is easier than ever, so that you never have to worry about those carvings again.  You’ll find that you can still get that sweet taste with all of your favorite healthy food alternatives, or drinks, without having to sacrifice the taste that you’ll just end up missing.  All you have to do is purchase the right type of Stevia packets, to facilitate your diet.

What makes Stevia packets so unique, is that they are pretty much completely natural.  They are derived from a plant that’s commonly found in Central as well as South America, and the extract is actually very healthy for you.  Not only is Stevia actually sweeter than sugar, it’s completely healthy for you.  The use of Stevia packets can not only help you control your weight, but also lowers your risk for heart disease, and developing a high cholesterol.  That makes adding them to your diet in place of sugar, a complete no brainer.

But what’s more, you’ll also find that Stevia packets are ideal, because unlike other artificial sweeteners, they contain no harmful chemicals.  The problem with so many different types of artificial sweeteners, is that they can contain extremely harmful chemicals that can actually be toxic in large does.  For that reason, you’re encouraged to minimize your use, and eating something like that in the first place just isn’t healthy.  But every study performed on Stevia packets has found that not only are they completely toxin free, but they are actually good for you.  They are even recommended as an alternative for pregnant women, which just shows you how beneficial they can be.

Plus, you’ll find that Stevia packets are easy to use, just like standard sugar.  You can simply empty them into your favorite tea or coffee drinks,  and enjoy a beverage you love with the same great taste that you would otherwise expect.  But what’s more, the material also doesn’t break down like other types of artificial sweeteners, so you’re able to use Stevia packets for baking as well.  That means this really is your one stop alternative to cut sugar out of your life, once and for all.

All you have to do is find a good supply of the Stevia packets that you need, to ensure your diet is successful.  Usually, most common pharmaceutical stores are great places to find literally any type that you could possibly want.  Retailers like CVS or GNC are great places to shop for literally any type of Stevia packets you could want, to ensure sugar is never a problem for you again.

Natural Sugar Substitutes

Monday, June 28th, 2010

For a diabetic, or just someone who’s looking to shed a few pounds, finding natural sugar substitutes can become necessary in everyday life.  Sugar is a product of our society that’s found it’s way into practically every single food that we eat.  The result are foods that are very high in calories, and empty carbohydrates, which can really pack on the pounds in a hurry.  By lowering, or even eliminating sugar completely, you may be surprised just how your lifestyle changes for the better.  This is especially true when it comes to natural sugar substitutes, some of which can actually be healthy for you, in addition to being better than just eating smaller amounts of sugar.

The main thing, is choosing natural sugar substitutes that you trust, and that you can rely upon.  Plus, just as with any other type of food, you want to use in moderation.  It’s not enough to be eating something different than sugar that’s also low calorie.  You also want to be eating less of the substance altogether, so that you can really change your lifestyle around so that you can adapt to life without sugar.  This is important, so that you can learn to live a healthier lifestyle, and completely resist those cravings for food that you don’t need to eat.  But when it comes down to it, and you want a little sweet with some of your favorite substances, there are plenty of different alternatives that you can choose from.

Some of the most common types of natural sugar substitutes, are actually made from sugar alcohol.  These are safe for diabetics, because they are non-glycemic, so there’s no worry of setting off an adverse reaction.  But if you don’t want to use overly processed materials like those, you can also go with a product like Stevia, which is simply a plant extract.  You’ll find that Stevia is actually sweeter than sugar, and can actually be beneficial to both your heart, and your waistline.  You’ll just want to adopt a system of trial and error, as different types of sweetener can taste differently, so you want to find a type that you enjoy the most. You may have seen Truvia, a related product, lined in store shelves or featured in drinks.  This contains Stevia extract as a natural sweetener and may do the job for you.

Of course, you can also go with more natural, and less processed alternatives like honey or agave.  You’ll find that these are non-glycemic as well, so they are perfectly safe to use.  But you will want to use in moderation, especially if you’re looking to lose weight.  This is because both are high in calories and carbohydrates, and too many of either can really have you packing the pounds right back on.  In order to avoid those pitfalls, you’ll want to be careful, and make sure that you stick to moderation, so that you can ensure they don’t become the same problem that you experienced with sugar.

You can find pretty much any natural sugar substitutes at most grocery stores.  Practically any grocer in your area should have a good selection of artificial sweeteners, or honey and other similar products that can give you that sweet taste you crave.  It’s just a matter of finding the right natural sugar substitutes, so that you can be sure you can still enjoy all of your favorite beverages the same way.

Liquid Stevia

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Adding liquid Stevia to your diet is always a great idea, simply for the ways in which it can change your eating habits for the better. No more will you be stuck having to try and avoid sugar by relying on unhealthy artificial sweeteners that contain all sorts of harmful chemicals that you can’t even pronounce. Instead, you can substitute sugar for something that not only tastes better, but that’s actually beneficial for your health. All you have to do, is find the right type of liquid Stevia to add to your diet, so that you can ensure your weight control, and healthy living, goes as smoothly as possible.

When it comes to liquid Stevia, you really can’t find a better choice when you’re looking for a healthy alternative to sugar. Sugar is a bad substance simply because it’s high in calories, and there’s literally nothing beneficial about it. Eating sugary foods means you’re more likely to gain weight, which puts you at risk for a higher cholesterol, as well as a whole plethora of other health problems. But products like liquid Stevia are actually good for you, and can help prevent heart disease, while also keeping you lean and trim the whole time.

You’ll find that you can use liquid Stevia just as you would use any other type of sweetener product. It’s great for putting into tea, juice, and even coffee. You’ll find that the taste is actually better, and sweeter than sugar. But what’s more, you can count on this to keep you feeling great all throughout the day, while sugar can leave you feeling overly full and heavy. But what’s more, liquid Stevia is also essentially completely natural, as it’s just an extract from a plant. That means you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals or toxins, so you can be sure that the alternative you’re using to get healthy, is actually healthy in itself.

But of course, the ways that you can use liquid Stevia are pretty much innumerable. You’ll find that there are even flavored liquids, so that the Stevia itself can be that great flavor that you’re looking for. This way, you simply have to add a few drops to a glass of water, and you have a healthy beverage that also tastes great. That allows you to keep the calories down, but more importantly, it ensures that you never have to worry about craving sugar again. There are even packets of granulated Stevia, that you can use just like sugar in baking, or any other type of cooking, that’s perfectly healthy, and easy to use.

When you’re looking to buy liquid Stevia of any kind, the best place to shop is going to be a pharmaceuticals retailer of some sort. Stores like GNC or Walgreens should always be your first stop, as they are major retailers of natural remedies of all different kinds. No matter what type of remedy you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it there, and that includes liquid Stevia.