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Truvia Coca Cola Products Grow in Popularity

Unbiased info about Truvia, the new stevia-based sweetener made by Cargill and the Coca Cola company. Note: We are not affiliated with Cargill, the Coca Cola company, or Truvia in any way.

Coca Cola products with Truvia have become more widespread in 2009, and are continuing to gain traction.  You may have seen some Truvia Coca Cola products in stores, most notably the Sprite Green.

There are other Truvia Coke products too.  One such product is an Odwalla drink that contains rebiana (the primary ingredient in truvia) in it.  Another such drink is Vitamin Water 10.  This is a new line of drinks being offered by the Vitamin Water line.  As each drink only has 10 calories and is naturally sweetened with Truvia, this is an attractive option for those conscious of calories. The Vitamin Water flavors come in nearly every flavor offered through the regular line, and the most popular selling Truvia-based drink thus far.

Coca-Cola has introduced products in 2008-2009 sweetened with Truvia™ rebiana: Odwalla, Sprite Green, and Glaceau Vitamin Water 10.

The Cargill company, the joint venture partner of Coca Cola’s (and an agricultre giant), is in the midst of working to produce more Truvia Coca Cola drinks.  While there is currently no Coke drink on the market with Truvia in it, this is a possibility the two companies have discussed, and most likely ultimately plan to offer something like this to consumers.

The Truvia brand looks to be picking up steam.  While people on both sides of the issue have varying claims about Truvia’s safety, the FDA is fully behind the spread of Truvia as a healthy alternative to drinks traditionally sweetened with substances like sugar, aspartame, and splenda.

The fact that Truvia is derived from the stevia extract (a natural plant found in South America) is an attractive draw to the many people who prefer to stick to natural foods.

Look for more Coca Cola Truvia products to be introduced within the coming months, especially on the heels of the successful launch of the Vitamin Water 10 truvia product line.